Zodiac Candle

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  • Made locally by Falling into Place + Lionheart Prints

Constellation    English Name      Dates                          Scent

Aquarius           The Water Bearer  January 20- February 18   Blood Orange Patchouli

Pisces               The Fish                February 10- March 20     Gardenia Coconut

Aries                  The Ram              March 21-April 19           Sandalwood Rose

Taurus               The Bull                April 20-May 20             Cheery Smoothie

Gemini               The Twins             May 21- June 21            Pink Lemonade

Cancer               The Crab              June 22- July 22             Green Tea Lemongrass

Leo                    The Lion               July 23- August 22          Mango Tangerine

Virgo                  The Virgin           August 23-Sept 22           Cactus + Sea Salt

Libra                  The Balance         Sept 23- October 23        Lavender + White Tea

Scorpio              The Scorpion        October 24- Nov 21         Edge of Autumn

Sagittarius         The Archer           Nov 22- December 21      Pomegranate Cider

Capricorn          The Goat              Dec 22- January 19          Balsam and Berry

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